Реферат: Relations between Ukraine and English-speaking countries

Ukraine has wide relations with English-speaking countries.

First there are Great Britain, the United States of America andCanada

Our relations with these countries are in policy, economics,science, culture, education and sport.

Ukraine has diplomatic relations with all of these countries. Itmeans that they have ambassadors in Ukraine and we have Ukrainian diplomaticmissions in these countries. We have some joint political projects.

In economics Ukraine collaborates with these countries too. Thereare many joint ventures where the partners are from different countries but notfrom one. Besides, the goods from these countries are solid in Ukraine and someproducts are solid in these countries.

Scientific co-operation is also very important because Ukrainianscience is very good but it has not enough money for experiments.

We have joint projects for space exploration with the USA andCanada. In future Ukraine will launch some space rockets from Canada territory.

Cultural exchanges are very intensive too.

In education we have wide relations with these countries. We exchangestudents and teachers.

Besides, tourism is very popular.

I must say, that in the USA and Canada there are many people whoare Ukrainian by origin. So we have special relations with them. There is aMinistry of Diaspora in Ukraine.

As we have wide and intensive relations with English-speakingcountries English is one of the most popular foreign languages in Ukraine. Itis taught in very many educational establishments and at out school too.

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