Реферат: Robin Hood


Robin Hood went to Nottingham Market and sold the meat very cheap.The butchers in Nottingham were very angry with Robin Hood for selling the meatso cheap. They wanted to know where he came from. They invited Robin to adinner with the sheriff of  Nottingham. On the way to the town-hall an oldbutcher began to ask Robin questions.

“Haven’t you ever been here before?” he asked.

“Haven’t I?” answered Robin.

“Haven’t I ever seen you before?”

“Haven’t you?”

“Are you a new in the business? Well, I think so,” said the oldbutcher, getting very angry.

“Do you?” said Robin laughing.

Soon they came to the town-hall and the butchers learned nothingabout Robin Hood. At dinner the sheriff heard about the new butcher who soldmeat so cheap. The sheriff wanted to buy cattle cheap too. So he asked RobinHood if he had any cattle to sell. Robin offered the sheriff to see his cattlein the field the next morning.

That night the sheriff took out three hundred pounds of his goldand put it in three bags. In the morning the sheriff got on his horse, and withthree hundred pounds in gold went with Robin Hood to see the cattle. When thesheriff saw that they were on the road to Sherwood Forest he was frightened andwanted to go back to Nottingham. But Robin laughed only and they went on. Whenthey came into the forest Robin saw about a hundred deer among the trees.

“Look there” he cried. “How do you like my cattle?”

to be angry with—злиться,    сердиться

a towh-hall—ратуша

Haven’t I?—Развея не был?

to offer—предлагать


a deer—олень 

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