Реферат: How Scotland fought for its independence

In 1286 the king of Scotland died. About ten barons wanted tobecome the king of Scotland. They asked Edward the First of England to decidethe question. He came with a strong army and said that he was the overlord ofScotland since that time. Then he chose John Balliol to be the king ofScotland, but people of the country were against. They did not want Edward tobe their overlord and began to fight for their independence. Their leader wasWilliam Wallace.

The English sent an army to Scotland but Wallace destroyed it.Then Edward came with his army, defeated Wallace and killed him. The Scotsfound a new leader Robert Bruce. He became the king of Scotland.

Edward sent an army against him and Bruce had to hide in themountains. Only few friends were with him. Their life was difficult.

At last Bruce organised an army that was ready to fight. In thebattle near a place called Bannockburn the Scots won the independence of theircountry. This was in 1314. Robert Bruce was the king of Scotland till 1321 whenhe died.

It 1603 Scotland and England were united. In that year James VI ofScotland became James I of England.

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