Реферат: How did I spend last summer?

  I think summer is the best season for rest because it is warm,the nature is beautiful and we have great opportunities for rest. Summer is atime of holidays. We can go for a walk all day long, watch the clouds, swim,sit down by a river or a lake on fresh, green grass, climb high hills, playdifferent games, ride a bicycle and so on.

  I spend my summer holidays at my granny. There were many thingsthere to enjoy. I swam in the sea, laid in the sun and did many other things.Sometimes I made a fire with my friends at the seaside and cooked potatoesthere. It was wonderful. We told anecdotes to each other, and did everything wewanted. I also got used to walk alone in the forest.

  When the August was coming to the end, I went on a small voyageby ship. The ship name was «Olga Sadovskaya».

  But the last summer wasn’t for me only sugar and honey. I havepassed through the graduating exams in school and entering exams in theuniversity and technical university. So the bigger part of my summer vocationsI spent at the books. Of course, it was not interesting, but I’m glad that Idid it because now I’m a student of the best university in Primorye and thewhole Far-East.

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