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Climateof Ukraine

The climate of Ukraine is determined by its geographical location.Ukraine's territory lies in the temperate belt. In general the country'sclimate is climate is temperately continental, being subtropical only on thesouthern coast of the Crimea. The differences in climate are caused by manyfactors: the latitude, relief, altitude and proximity to seas and oceans. A characteristicfeature of the climate is an increase in its continental nature from west toeast.

A feature of Ukraine's climate is the considerable fluctuation inweather conditions from year to year. Alongside very wet years there can bedroughts, whose effect increases to the south and east. There are frequentoscillations in weather in the regions of the Crimean and Carpathian Mountains.

On the southern coast of the Crimea the climate is subtropicalMediterranean, inasmuch as the Crimean Mountains obstruct the movement of coldArctic air to the coast. These climatic features have contributed to thecreation of the one of the best resort areas in Ukraine.

Winter is rather cold in Ukraine. There is much snow in thenorthern and western parts of the country. Average temperature of January is7-8 degrees below zero.

It often rains in the Carpathian Mountains. In the south and eastthe weather is dry especially in summer.

The average yearly temperature in Ukraine varies between +5.5...+7C in the north and +11...+13C in the south.

In Zaporozhye region the climate is close to continental. We havehot summers and cool winters without heavy snowfalls and frosts. In spring andautumn the climate is moderate.

They say the climate in Ukraine like anywere else is gettingmilder with every coming year. It depends on many reasons.

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