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First of all i'd like to tell you about my school which i've justleft. My school is one of the specialized schools in Moscow. It is famous forits high-quality education and strict discipline. To my mind, our school-lyciumis very well equipped. It has a gym, a carteen, a library, a computer class andsome labs( for example — chemistry lab or physics lab).

First two years in our lycium we had 7 or 8 lessons, but  in 10thand 11th forms we had less lessons. What about our homework we usually had alot to do and it took me several hours. I sometimes had to sit up to write acomposition, to prepare a report, to traslate an article from English toRussian or to learn a poem by heart.

After classes we usually had some out-of-class activities.oursocial and cultural life was well-organized. For example, we had a choir andliterature club.

At school we had classes in Russian, literature, mathematics,English, history and so on. My favourite subjects were English, History andRussian. On Russian we had a lot of fun situations and talks; history, to mymind, is a very interesting subject; and what about English, we need learningthis language to be able to read books, listen to the news, speak with Englishspeaking people and so on.

Now my plans for the future. I must say that when you leave schoolyou understand that the time to choose your future profession has come. It'snot an easy task to make the right choice of a job. People choose professionaccording to their own interests and abilities. As far as i have a computer athome I've decided to enter some mathemetic institute. It is called МГАТУ(Moscow State Aviation- TechnologyUniversity). I'll be study there informatic and English. I think, todaycomputer is very popular in our country and programmists are paid very much.

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