Реферат: Laos

Somewhat smaller than Oregon, Laos is a mountainous Southeast Asiacountry ruled by communists. The population of this little country is about 3and a half million people.

One of the poorest and most underdeveloped nations of the world,Laos depends on aid from other countries to import the food and other goods itspeople need to survive. Most of the people are rice farmers. Few can read andwrite.

Over 80  percent of the country is rugged jungle terrain. The mainriver is Mekong River-the system of irrigate.

Now i'd like to tell you about the history of Laos. First Laotianterritory was the seat of the Buddhist kingdom of Lan Xang, founded in 1353 byKing Fa Ngum. Laos was invided by France in 1893 and by Japanese forces in1941. During the World War II King Sisavang Vong proclaimed himself king of allLaos.

A new coalition government under Premier Souvanna Phouma thatincluded 5 members of the communist Pathet Lao was sworn in on April 5, 1974.

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