Реферат: About myself

My name is Natalia. My surname is Govorova. I am 15. I was born in1982 in Chelyabinsk. I live in a small town of Usinsk in the Komi Republic. Myaddress is Flat 116, 19, Pionerskaya Street. My phone number is 41-5-81. I am apupil. I go to school Numbers 1. I am a good pupil. I do well in all subjects.They say, that I am a hardworking person. To tell the truth, all schoolsubjects come easy for me but sometimes. I have to sit much, for example, to dolessons in Physics or Chemistry, to write a composition or to learn a poem byheart. But my favourite subject is English. I spend much time on it readingbooks, doing tests etc. May be, English and learning it will be a part of myfuture carreer. I like reading. I think comics and detective stories are much easierto read but I prefer to read novels — historical or up-to-date. I like music.My musical tastes are different, but it depends on my mood. But I think everyapple is good in its season. I play the piano and the guitar, not seriously,but for my soul. Sometimes I like to listen to the Russian classical music. Myfavourite composers are Chaikovsky and Mozart. I don’t like rock music, but Ilike «Queen» and «Beatles». Also I like Russian folk songs. I have not muchtime to watch IV but sometimes I spend an hour or two watching an interestingfilm or a news programme. In the evening I often read newspapers (our localones) or magazines. I like fresh air and exercise. I’m sorry I have not muchtime for doing sports. But some aerobics in the morning, a swimming-pool twicea week, a ski-walk on a frosty day are of great help. Sports is fun.

I have a wide circle of interests. I’m very sociable, so I get away with people. I have many friends, most of them are my class-mates. We spendmuch time together, going out to the cinema or to the disco party, speakingabout lessons and music, discussing our problems. But most of all I like myfamily. We all are great friends and deeply attached to each other.

You see, it’s me — a person with his good and not good characteristics,liking this and hating that. But it’s interesting for me to live, to open newthings.


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