Реферат: At the Theatre

I will never forget my first visit to the Bolshoy Theatre.

It was ages ago, but this stands out in my memory quiet vividly.My mother bought beforehand two tickets for a matinee perfomance of the ballet«Sleeping Beauty» by Chaikovsky. We came to the theatre long beforethe perfomance began. A sign at the entrance of the theatre said that«house full». Many people were standing at the entrace of the theatreasking if we had an extra ticket.

We left our coats in the cloak-room and bought a program from theusher to see what the cast was. I remember we were glad to see that Ulanova wasdancing the main part. When we came into the hall the orchestra were tuning intheir instruments. We found our seats which were in the stalls and wentexploring the theatre. My mother showed me the boxes, the pitm thedress-circle, the tieres and balconies. At 12 sharp th lights went down. Theconductor appeared and the overtune began. After the overtune the curtain wentup. I was in raptures at what I saw on the stage. I have never seen anythingmore wonderful. The scenery and the dancing were superb. The ballet seemed tome a fairy-tale. When the last curtain fell, the house burst out into applause.I applauded so much, that my hands ached. The cries of encore sounded all overthe theatre. The dancers got many curtain calls and were presented with manyflowers. The perfomance was a great success with the public. It was one of mybrightest memories.

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