Реферат: Johann(II) Bernoulli

Born: 28 May 1710 in Basel, Switzerland

Died: 17 July 1790 in Basel, Switzerland

Johann(II) Bernoulli was one of three sons of  Johann Bernoulli.In fact he was the most successful of the three. He originally studied law andin 1727 he obtained the degree of doctor of jurisprudence.

He worked on mathematics both with his father and as anindependent worker. He had the remarkable distinction of winning the Prize ofthe Paris Academy on no less than four separate occasions. On the strength ofthis he was appointed to his father's chair in Basel when  Johann Bernoullidied.

However, quoting:-

… thereafter his mathematical production dwindled to occasionalacademic papers and a treatise, although he lived to almost as old as hisfather. His shyness and frail constitution did not, however, prevent him fromengaging in extensive scientific correspondence (about 900 items) and fromfurthering the publication, in four volumes, of his father's Opera Omnia. Hepersonified the mathematical genius of his native city in the second half ofthe eighteenth century.

Johann(II) Bernoulli worked mainly on heat and light.

 Maupertuis, who was President of the Berlin Academy, was accusedby  Samuel König of plagiarising  Leibniz's work. Voltaire was so criticalof  Maupertuis' work that eventually he left Berlin and, in 1756, travelled toBasel where he took refuge in Johann(II) Bernoulli home.  Maupertuis remainedin Johann's home for the last three years of his life.

J J O'Connor and E F Robertson

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