Реферат: I Go to School

 It's September 1, 1999, and I went to school today. It is asolemn occasion. This day, the opening of the school year, is probably one ofthe most Important days in the Russian calendar.

 The whole country pauses to take a look at its children. TVannounces the fact. Radio speaks of it. The newspapers devote special storiesto it. At home, Mama and Papa, despite themselves, are excited.

 Parents came to see their children begin the school year. Most ofthe kids had been away all summer at camp. Now they were back — tanned, taller,healthier.

 There was a trumpet call, some brass band music, speeches andthen, the young students accompanied by boys and girls in their last year, wentsolemnly into school to which they would probably go until they, too, finallyfinished 10 years later.

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