Реферат: My school

The school where I studied is situated not far from my house. It'sa modem four-storeyed building of a typical design. In front of the schoolthere is a big sportsground, behind it there is a small garden with beautifulflower beds. Here on the sportsground pupils have their classes in physicaltraining when the weather is fine.

When you enter the school you'll see a large gymnasium, work-shopsand a canteen on the left. On the right there is a Headmaster's office. Thecloak-room is downstairs. The classrooms, the laboratories. the doctor's office,the library, the Teacher's room are on the upper floors. There is a large hallon the first floor and schoolchildren hold their meetings here.

We are proud of our physics, chemistry, botany and English labs.They are equipped with tape recorders, TV sets and other necessary apparatus.

During the years of study we acquire deep knowledge in varioussubjects, such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, Russian and foreignlanguages and literature, history, geography etc. I was especially good at languages.Our teacher gave us basic knowledge of these sciences, they taught us to treatnature carefully, to love our Motherland, to be honest and hardworking.

I like my school very much.

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