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Many people have forgotten what the world was like before TV. Buttoday it has become an integral part of our lives. No medium can compare withTV as a means of information, entertainment & education. TV now plays suchan important role in so many people's lives that it is essential for us to tryto decide whether it is bad or good.

On the first place TV is not only a convenient source ofentertainment, but also a comparatively cheap one. For a family of 4, forexample, it is more convenient as well as cheaper to sit comfortably at homethan to go out. They don't have to pay for expensive tickets. All they have todo is to turn on TV and they can see films, political discussions and thelatest exciting football matches. Some people say that this is fist where thedanger lies. The TV viewers need do nothing: they make no choices, they'recompletely passive & don't even use their legs.

TV, people often say, informs about current events and the latestdevelopments in science and politics. A lot of good films, music programs haveappeared recently on TV. Yet here again there is a danger. We get to likewatching TV so much that it begins to dominate our lives. A friend of mine toldme that when his TV set broke he & his family suddenly found that they hadmuch more time to do things.

The most important thing which is really criticizing is poorquality of the programs and its harmful effect on children. For example thefilm «Natural Born Killers» teaches children to kill and there wasone accident in France when a group of teenagers kill their parents.

There are many arguments for and against TV. I think we mustunderstand that TV in itself is neither good nor bad. TV is as good or as badas we make it.

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