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Moscow is the capital of Russia, its political, economic,commercial and cultural center. It was founded 8 centuries ago by Prince YuriDolgoruky in 1147. Gradually the city became more and more powerful. In the13th century Moscow was the center of the struggle of Russian lands for theliberation from the tartar yoke. In the 16th century under Ivan the TerribleMoscow became the capital of the new united state. Though Peter the Great movedthe capital to St. Petersburg in 1712; Moscow remained the heart of Russia.That's why it became the main target of Napoleon's attack. After the Octoberrevolution Moscow became the capital again.

Now Moscow is one of the largest cities in Europe. Its total areais about nine hundred square kilometers. The population of the city is over 8million.

Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The heartof Moscow is Red Square. The Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral (VasilyBlazheny) are masterpieces of ancient Russian architecture. On the territory ofthe Kremlin you can see old cathedrals, the Palace of Congresses, theTzar-Cannon and the Tzar-Bell, the biggest cannon and bell in the world. St.Basil's Cathedral was built in the mid-16th century in memory of the victoryover Kazan.

One of the well-known Kremlin museums is the Armoury Chamber. Thefamous golden cap of Monomach, the first Russian imperial crown of Catherinethe Second and many other historical items are exhibited there.

There are more than 80 museums in Moscow. The Historical Museum,the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Tretyakov State Picture Gallery are worldfamous and the largest.

Moscow is famous for its theatres. The best-known of them areBolshoi, Maly and Art theatres.

Moscow is the seat of the Russian Parliament (the Duma) and thecenter of political life of the country.

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