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I'm fond of reading. My favourite writer is William SomersetMaugham and I would like to tell about his biography.

William Somerset Maugham was born in 1874 and spent his childhoodin Paris in the family of a British diplomat. Having lost his parents at anearly age, he went to live in England with his uncle, who was a clergyman. Hewas educated at King's school in Canterbury studied painting in Paris, went toHeidelbury University in Germany and spent six years at St.Thomas Hospital inEngland studying to be a doctor. He was an unsatisfactory medical student forhis heart wasn't in medicine. He wanted, he had always wanted to be a writerand in the evening after his tea, he wrote and read.

In 1897 he wrote a novel called «Liza of Lambeth», sentit to a publisher and it was accepted. It was something of a success. SoWilliam Somerset Maugham decided to abandon his medical profession and he didit with relief. The next ten years were very hard on him. He learned theterrible difficulties of making a living by writing. But he survived. He becamea famous writer. He never regretted the five years he had spent at the hospital.They taught him pretty well all he knew about human nature.

The novel «The moon and sixpence» (1919) is based on thelife of the artist Paul Gauguin was an immediate success. Maugham went toTahiti and lived in Gauguin's hut while writing the book. His fame as a shortstory writer began with «The Trembling of a leaf». Since then hewrote many collections of books, essays and criticism. Many of his books andstories came out of his extensive travels in the East. His autobiographicalbooks «The summing up» and «A writer's Notebook» areremarkable for both style and sincerity. His books have been reprinted manytimes.

In 1927 William Somerset Maugham settled in the South of Franceand lived there until his death in 1965.

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