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I have just finished school number… My school is (not) very newand modem and (but) it is very conformable and all the pupils like it verymuch, it is really home for everyone, who studies there. It has three (four,five, two) floors. The classrooms are light and high. There are classrooms forpractically all the subjects — English, History, Physics, Mathematics,Chemistry, Geography, Literature, etc. There is a computer class in our school,-where pupils study computing, one of the most important subjects nowadays.There is a school hall in our school, too. Meetings, conferences, concerts andall the celebrations take place there.

Our school has a gymnasium and a sportsground. Many pupils arefond of sport and they have a good opportunity to go in for different sportsthere.

I am very thankful to my school. When I was only seven years old,I entered it to get some knowledge and I know many things now thanks to myschool and my teachers. The teachers in my school are very kind and clever,they give all their knowledge and all their love to the pupils.

There is a good tradition in our school. Every year the schoolleavers come here to meet their teachers and classmates. Such meetings are verytouching and interesting.

I'll never forget my school, my favourite teachers and myclassmates. It is my childhood and it is the happiest period in one's life, tomy mind. My first friends, my first love and my first achievements anddisappointments are all connected with my school life.

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