Реферат: My future profession

There are a lot of interesting and useful professions. I am goingto become a teacher. I suppose my future profession to be one of the mostimportant nowadays.

My future speciality is English (Literature, Russian, History,Geography). I love children very much and to become a teacher has been my dreamsince my early childhood.

To teach and to bring up children is the most important and noblething, to my mind. I am eager to get the proper education to be able to do mybest to teach my future pupils my favourite subject. I'll try not only to helpthem to master it. I'll try to help them to become good and clever people, tobe honest, kind and noble.

Children are our future and I want them to be really good andeducated people. Of course, the profession of a teacher is not an easy one. Itdemands a lot of knowledge, a lot of tenderness of feeling and sometimes a lotof patience. But I hope, that I'll be a good teacher and that my pupils willlike me and my subject.

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