Реферат: Education in Russia

In Russia children begin going to school at the age of seven.First they study at the elementary school. It lasts three or four years. At theelementary school children get the elementary education, they learn to read,write and count. From the fifth form the secondary education begins. Childrenbegin learning different subjects, such as Literature, Chemistry, Physics,Biology, Computing, Foreign Languages and soon. The nine-year secondaryeducation is compulsory in our country, but after completing the nine-yearschooling pupils face the first serious decision in their lives. They have todecide either to continue their studies in the tenth and eleventh forms at a generalsecondary school, or to transfer to specialised colleges, that is to say,choose a particular career. Colleges give young people a secondary educationplus trade training. This means that after finishing a college they are botheducated and financially independent, able to go straight to a job.

Except general secondary schools there are a lot of specialisedschools, where more attention is paid to a particular subject, mostly to aforeign language. Besides, the-re are many private schools now, where theeducation is not free of charge.

After finishing school or college young people may enter instituteor university to get the higher education. After finishing the fourth coursethey get the bachelor's degree and after graduating from the higher educationalestablishment — the master's degree.

To study is not an easy thing, of course, but nowadays it is quitenecessary to be highly skilled and educated specialist.

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