Реферат: My flat

My family and I live in Rostov-on-Don. We live in… street. Ourhouse is modem (old), it has… floors. Our flat is on the… floor. There isa (no) lift in our house. There are… rooms in our flat. The living-room israther large. There is a carpet on the floor. There is a wall unit in theliving-room. There are two arm-chairs, a sofa and a small round table in theroom. In the right-hand corner there is a TV and a video. In my parent'sbedroom there is a double bed with bedside stands, a wardrobe and a dressingtable with a mirror.

I have my own room. It is very cosy and I like it very much. Thereis a sofa, a desk with a lamp on it, a wardrobe, an arm-chair and a chest ofdrawers in my room. There is a rug on the floor. There is a bookcase in my roomwhere I keep my books and textbooks. I like music very much, so there is acassette-recorder and a CD-player in my room.

We have all modem conveniences in our flat. We have gas, centralheating, hot and cold running water. We also have some modem electricappliances. They make our life more comfortable. We have a refrigerator and amicrowave oven in the kitchen. In the bathroom there is a washing machine. Wealso have a vacuum-cleaner to do the rooms.

We like our flat very much. It is very cosy and comfortable. It isso pleasant to come here in the evening after the working day. “There is noplace like home”. English-men say. And I agree with this statement. Of course,“home” is not only a flat or a house, but also the people who live there andthe atmosphere of love, friendship and mutual understanding, which is so dearto us.

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