Реферат: My district and my flat

As you know, Vladivostok, the capital of the Primorsky region,occupies the peninsula of Murav’ev-Amursky which is washed by Amur and Ussurigulfs. One part of this peninsula, called Egersheld (it was named after one ofthe explores of Russian Far-East), is my native district. Egersheld is knownfrom the foundation of Vladivostok. More then one hundred years ago the firsthouses for the seamen appeared in it. Since that time Egersheld is known as theworking center of the city. Now, for example, the territory of the commercialport is situated in this district. Egersheld is the most environmental friendlydistrict in the city as it is open to strong sea winds which blow out allharmful substances in the air and clouds of dust. Of course, this has anegative side – the average temperature in the district in winter is lower thanin the other parts of Vladivostok. As my native district occupies very specialgeographical position (in fact, Egersheld – is a small peninsula ofMurav’ev-Amursky peninsula) so its citizens may admire beautiful sea scenesevery evening when the sun is hiding for the horizon. These seascapes arereally breathtaking and very often you may see dozens of artists trying tocarry this wonderful sight to paper or canvas.

Now about my flat. I live in Sipyagina, 31. Our flat is not verylarge, its double-roomed. If you know the word “khrushovka”, you may imaginewhat is our flat looks like. Besides these two rooms we also have a kitchen anda bathroom. I think there is no any outstanding thing in our flat that is worthdescribing. We have a TV set in one of the rooms, two wardrobes, two workingtables, and small bookcase where our home library is kept.

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