Реферат: Family relations

The family plays a very important role in everybody’s life. Labourachievements, mood and what is called happiness depend on family relations.When young people marry, they sometimes think that happiness in their marriagewill be created by somebody else, not by themselves. They are mistaken.

To create a happy marriage is their own duty. Both husband andwife must create their happiness together. A happy marriage does not mean thathusband and wife must have similar characters but the ability to understandeach other. It’s really very difficult to keep up a marriage without mutualunderstanding. When a family is happy, it means that all the members of thefamily trust each other, tell each other about their joys and sorrows.

The children love, respect and obey their parents. Housework maytake a great deal of your time. But if all the members of the family help eachother, has his special duties, keeping house won’t be so difficult. So tocreate a happy family is a difficult problem, but everything depends onourselves.

Only when each member of the thinks about the happiness of theothers the family will be happy. Clever and understanding parents are alwaysready to help and find the way out. We know there will still be a family toturn to for love, compassion and understanding, the family will remain in oursoul forever.

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