Реферат: University Computer center

1. There is a large University computer center at Irkutsk StateUniversity.

2. It was set up in 1959.

3. First, the computer center had only one machine.

4. It was an electronic computing machine of the first generationthe «Ural 1».

5. The staff of the computer center was 20 persons.

6. Now, the computer center is a large educational and scientificcenter.

7. We can find many specialists working there.

8. There are many operators, engineers, programmers and researchworkers there.

9. At the center there are seven departments. Internet center;Computer publishing and systems; Automatic control systems; Management oflocally oriented computer systems; Mini and microcomputers laboratory; Thelaboratory of quantum chemistry; Software laboratory.

10. Now the new name of the computer center is new informationtechnologies center.

11. Our computer center is equipped with modern electronicsmachines.

12. There are personal computers of the last generation.

13. All the computers are foreign made.

14. The computer carries out scientific and practical researches.

15. University students have their computer practice at thecenter; they also operated person computer in computer classes.

16. They learn to operate modern computers, to read and compileprograms to debug and analyze them.

17. The Internet center was set up 1997.

18. University students have a free access to Internet and WorldWide Web.

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