Реферат: April Fool's Day

I like many holidays in Russia, for example I like April Fool's Day.

This holiday is celebrated as in Russia as in England.

It is a day for fun. It is celebrated on the 1st of April. Welike to play jokes on the 1st of April. Our jokes are harmless and the victimof them is called an April fool. It is possible to play jokes on friends,parents, relatives. Sometimes we try to play jokes on our teachers if they havea sense of humour. We say that something is wrong with her hair-do when in factall is in order. We can say that we are not ready for the lesson but then weread texts well and retell them in a proper way. Our jokes are silly and gaythat's why the teachers are not angry.

I know that this holiday first appeared in France. Now it isa very popular holiday in many countries and April Fool's jokes are played asby children as by grown-ups.

I like this holiday because it is a gay one.

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