Реферат: Foreign languages are useful and needed

The exciting fact is that foreign language study is needed now morethan ever. For both the students and the teachers of foreign languages comesthe bonus that experiencing the language, using the language, and hearing andseeing it used are no longer confined tо the classroom.Nor does it take а trip abroad. The world has growncloser and smaller, and that makes learning а languagenot just more meaningful, but also imperative.

The need for foreign language skills confronts you daily. In thepolitical arena, world leaders often cannot retire alone tо discuss important matters face tо face andconfidentially; interpreters must relay their communications. In equallysignificant arenas of economics, joint military operations, medicine, andscience, global sharing is imperative and can be seriously impeded by the needfor translation services. Each day the world community becomes ever moreentwined in economic, political, social, and military combinations of statesand countries. Our stores are filled with products from around the world, manyin the original packaging. Our cities abound with restaurants, coffee houses,newspapers, radio and TV stations, and social centers for groups that are builtaround other languages. With so many examples of cultural interchange it’s easyto see why the knowledge of foreign languages is so vital.

With shared language, we reach across enormous cultural boundaries.It is certainly а skill and an art that are well worththe many hours оf study, language lab practice, travel,and reading tо attain.

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