Реферат: Ilya Murometz

Ilya Murometz is the most famous of the mighty warriors, known asBogatyrs, of the Russian «Bilyny» legends. This legendary hero wasunable to move during his first 33 years of his life. Then one day he wasvisited in his house by the three Holy Old Men, who asked Ilya for some water.Ilya became furious, as he thought the Old Men were playing a joke on him whenthey commanded Ilya to get up, much to his own surprise, Ilya rose. From thatmoment on he became a warrior of extraordinary powers and the defender of theHoly Russia.

Among his most famous deeds are: the single handed destruction ofthe Tatar army, sleight of the town of Chernigov and the capture of the EvilBandit the Nightingale Whistler, (also known as «Solovey Razboynik»), who had the power of killing people with his whistle.

Ilya of Murom, a defender of the Lands of Russia, is portrayed afriend of the simple folk, a symbol of liberty and fairness, and sometimes as araging rebel who dared to quarrel with the Duke of Kiev, and who almost destroyedthe City of Kiev. In the end he returned to his senses, and Ilya Murometzbecame the Best Warrior and the Wisest Adviser to Duke Vladimir of Kiev.

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