Реферат: “Rain Man” - Movie Review

“Rain Man” was directed by Barry Levinson in 1988. This is anexcellent human drama, showing the talents of great actors starring. The maincharacter Dustin Hoffman was rewarded with Best Actorand Best Picture Oscars. He is one of this generation's finest actors.

A movie is about autism. Dustin Hoffman plays an autistic savant wholives in Wallbrook. Tom Cruise plays a businessperson who sells expensive carsfor a living (Porsche, Lamborghini, etc). SoonCruise learns about his father's death, and at thereading of the will, he learns that his father has given the great part of theestate to a brother that he never knew about. As a result, they both goon a cross-country journey from Cinncinnati to Los Angeles and the events arefunny, touching, and sad all at once. While they aretraveling around the country, Charlie learns about Raymond's extraordinaryskills.

This is one of my favorite films of all time, as we watch therelationship between two completely different brothers change from a curiosityinto a loving friendship.

This is an excellent movie, which has perhapsone minus. I think it is the fact that director Barry Levinson did not focusmore on the realism of being an autistic savant. The director shows us a littlebit about autistic people, but he did not go deeply on the subject.

In the end, how could I not recommend that yousee this film? It is a classic, it is a great movie, and you will not spareyour time when you see it. It will leave a warm and great feeling in you whenthe film is ended and the end credits roll.

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