Реферат: My Childhood Memories

yChildhood Memories

Сергей Голубев

Childhood is really a wonderful time. As for me, it is always apleasure to retrospect, being transferred to that marvellous time of life likechildhood. In my opinion, everyone has its own vivid recollection that he orshe could call up and tell to one’s people.

One of those afteglows which I can remember is about my first day atschool. It was magnificent sunny day on the 1st of September 1993. My mom wokeme up not as usually, at 7 o’clock a.m., with the words: “Mary, it is going tobe your first day at school!” I clearly remember that moment, however I can’tdescribe the sences that were ovefilling me. Something was tickling in mystomach. This was truly new to me.

My mom and brother took me to school. It’s a pity that my father hada business trip that week. After the first bell had rung, we were invited toour classes. I kissed my parents good bye; they promised to pick me up in anhour then. I made my first steps towards that huge (as it seemed to me) schoolbuilding. A shiver was running down my spine that minute.

When we were seated, a techer kindly asked us to take the exercisebooks out from our rucksacks. This was my mom who had prepared all the thingsfor me, but my attempts to found my exercise book in my bag were,unfortunately, unsuccessful. I don’t know what happened to me that time that Ihadn’t noticed that bright red folder and several blank writing-books in it,instead I always have my first teacher in mind who put my first “2” for myinattention on the first day at school on the 1st of September.

From my point of view, it is a child who lives in every person’ssoul. Merely the toys we played in our childhood changed to other, big ones andmore serious. Eventually, everyone has its own live treasured possessions. Myones are my childhood memories.

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