Реферат: Radio And TV In My Life

Radio And TV In My Life.

  I think it is impossible to imagine our life without radio and TV. Radioand TV are widely used in today’s world. It is the quickest means of spreadingnews and the information. Radio plays an important role in reflecting the lifeof society and building opinions. It performs the service of information wellenough but on TV everything is much more real. Radio and TV keep us informedabout current events, extend the education, provide the cultural recreation,allow us to follow the latest developments in science and politics and offer anendless number of programmers which are both instructive and entertaining. Sothey give us a lot of useful information and are exciting.

  When I come home from school I turn on the radio, leave it on and goabout my household duties. So I am actually doing two things at one and thesame time. The best radio station for me is Europa Plus and Radio Maximum. Iwatch TV at the evening when all the lessons I have done. I prefer to see newsprograms such as: ”Vesty” and ” The Time”. Sometimes we can watch ratherinteresting films at TV. There are different kinds of films, for instance: anature film, a war film, a crime film, a travelogue, an adventure film, amusical film and comic film. As for me I prefer to see comic and crime films.

  My favorite channel is the “6th channel”. There are manyinteresting programs for me like “The wold of computer”, “Farcop”,“News” “Show-Business” and others. I like this program because there are not somany advertisement. Also every weekend there are three films which are popularall over the world. So the “6th Channel” program is my favorite onebecause it satisfy my different interests in the best way. As for me my favourit radio station is “Europaplus”. It broadcasts many programs, for instance: “Press-Digest”, “Prezent”, “Garage”, “News” and others. Also there are a lotof programs where  everyone can winsomething. It satisfies my interests in the best way. Sometimes when I came home from school I turn on the radio and leave it on and goabout my household duties. So the best radio for me is “EuropaPlus” and I like to listen to it.

  That’s why I think that we can’t live without TV and radio nowadays.

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