Реферат: My dreams about future

<img src="/cache/referats/9870/image001.gif" v:shapes="_x0000_s1026">                   MYDREAMSABOUT FUTURE

It `s high time to think seriously aboutmy future .In my opinion, it s still very hard to say exactly what professionto choose. We may debate a lot about social importance and prestige of ourfuture profession, but I think it must be close to our soul. It `s really veryimportant to take a right decision because sometimes people make great mistakesin choosing a profession, to my mind they` re afraid to look silly in eyes ofothers, or to disappoint their parents. That is why, many people have tosuffer, refusing of their dream .I suppose, the main thing is to decidecorrectly what you want to do in future or how you want your future to be, anddon `t pay attention to what other people say. I consider our life is in ourhands and we must try our best to achieve all our goals. The only thing I knowexact what you want to do must go from your heart your profession depends onyou; otherwise your job will bring you no satisfaction.

   If youwant to know my opinion, I `ver already decided whom I want to be and hardlysomeone could influence me or hardly I `ll. Change my mind .I have beenthinking about my future profession for ten years, and nobody hindered me intaking a decision .I `m lucky my parents try to understand and to help me, I `mglad they have the same opinion .I `d say I `m rather creative person, I `mcaptivated by art, music and learning languages .I `m also very keen onliterature. But it `s hard to find a profession, where these hobbies arejoined.

    Tobecome a journalist is very attractive for me .If I were a journalist, I wouldwork in famous newspapers, magazines or maybe, even on television .I thinkjournalism is one of the most exciting profession, and I  suppose ,it `s very interesting tocommunicate with different people from all parts of the world ,and to know newinformation .Journalism also gives opportunity to denounce your thoughts toothers .To my mind, journalist must be honest and sincere in attitude to peoplearound .But I must work hard if I want to be a journalist ,because it `s noteasy as may seem at first .I believe ,if I were a journalist  I wouldchoose the most interesting and exciting topics for my articles ,I  would write about rock ,pop and classicalmusic ,about show-business and new young talantes. In fact, I wanted and still wantto be a singer .It was my wish since my childhood .When  I was a kid, I often imagined myself on the stage singing and dancing .My parents understoodthat it `s not only a hobby, but also my dream and allowed me to study atmusical school .Now ,I study at musical school on vocal department, and whoknows ,maybe someday I `ll become famous singer .Ican `t live without music, with the help of music I express my emotions and getrid of my troubles .If I were a singer  Iwould change peoples mind, would make them more kind with the help of mysongs. I dream to become a journalist and get acquainted with musical producersor people from the world of show business, who can help me to become a star.

<img src="/cache/referats/9870/image002.gif" v:shapes="_x0000_s1027">     Anyway whoever I `ll. Become I hope I `ll.Find a profession in which I could show my personality, but I also will neverforget one proverb:”NO GAIN WITHOT PAIN”.


                                                                                           That’sabout all.

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