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Millions of people all over theworld spend their holidays travelling. The time spent on travelling is neverwasted.  Travelling is a source ofemotional and romantic feelings. People travel for pleasure or for business.They travel to know other cultures and traditions. Travelling enrich and abroaden people’s mind.

Peopletravel to see other countries and continents modern cities and the ruins ofancient towns. They travel to enjoy picturesque places or just for a change ofscenes.  It is always interesting todiscover new things, different ways of life, to meet different people, to trydifferent food, to listen to different musical rhythms. People travel spendingtheir time visiting museums and art galleries, places of interest, looking at theshop windows and dining at exotic restaurants.

Mosttravelers and holiday-makers take a camera with them and take pictures ofeverything that interests them the sights of a city, old churches and castlesviews of mountains, lakes, valleys, plains, waterfalls, forests, different kindof trees, birds, plants and animals.

Peoplewho wish to travel either for pleasure or on business have at their disposalvarious means of transport. They travel by plain, by train, by ship, by boat,by car, by bus, on foot  — or hikes andsometimes it happens even by bike around the globe. All means of transport havetheir advantages and disadvantages. All people chose one according to theirplans and dictation.

1) If youwant to get somewhere as quickly as possible, especially if you are short intime, the best way is that to travel by plain. It’s better to book ticket’s inadvance. You know that travelling by plain is the fastest and the meansexpensive means of travelling because is saves a lot of time.

Onthe appointed day you arrive to the airport by car two hours before your light.You have to do some formalities: you fill in a declaration form where youindicate the kind of valuables and amount of currency you are bringing from thecountry. Then you register weigh and label your luggage. Each passenger isallowed 20 kilos of luggage free of charge, no more. If you have too many lugyou have to pay extra. Together with other passengers you pass through thecustom control where your passport and visa are checked up. Your luggage anddocuments are inspected and you are allowed to pass towards the plain.

Assoon as all the passengers take their seats the stewardess gives all theinformation about the flight, speed and altitude. The stewardess announces thename of pilot and the crew. Then she asks all the passengers to adjust theirseats in reclining position and fasten seat belts. She promises them to beprovided with a hot meat and soft drinks on the way as soon as the plainreaches the altitude. The stewardess helps everybody get comfortable in seatsand wish them a pleasant flight.

 The average speed of the modern aircraftpassenger our flight is accomplished at speed of 90 miles an hour at altitudeof 11000 meters.

Inside the cabin air is alwaysfresh and warm. When onboard the plain you can read watch TV or take a nap.Comfort speed and perfect service make a trip by plane comfortable.

Two or three hourslater your flight is safely accomplished and you land at the airport ofdestination.

How does thestewardess make information a boars the plane?

Ladies and Gentlemen! We are gladto great you on board our plane (liner) and wish you a happy flight. Our flightis accomplished at speed of 90, miles an hour at altitude of 11000 meters. Theplane lands at New York airport sat 5:30 am.

При взлёте:  Your attention, please! Our plain is taking off in some minutes. Moveyour armchairs in a reclining position and fasten belts of safety. Be ready forflight.

Затем: our plain has alreadyaccomplished the full altitude. You will be provided soft drinks and hot mealsin few minutes.

2) Though we all seen to agreethat the future belongs to air transport. The railroad today still carry a lotof passengers and goods.

If you make up your mind to travel by train so you have tobook seats in advance. You can make a reservation ten days before. It’s betterto by tickets beforehand because it’s always difficult to get tickets on day ofdeparture especially in summer, when the season is in full swing and there area lot of travelers.Besides, nobody likes queuing at the booking office on hotsummer day.Travelling by train is slower then by plane, but it hasit’s advantages. When on board the train you can watch the picturesque placesyou are passing through. Your trip becomes more exiting and happy if you areamong the pleasant group of friends. When on board the train you can combinespeed, comfort, rest and perfect service.

For example you get on board theovernight train in the evening and you know for sure that after a calm night incomfortable berth your arrive safely to the point of your destination.

Thereare several kinds of trains: passenger trains, through trains, non-stopping,stopping trains, long distance trains, day coach, an express, overnight trainsand so on.

Youchoose any train you like and prefer. You buy a first class sleeper single andreturn ticket and when the day of your departure comes you go to the railwaystation by taxi.

Youlike to travel light – only first essentials, but this time you have lots ofluggage. You look for the porter who takes care of your suitcases. He puts yourthings on the trunk, labels them and pushes towards your train. Meanwhile yougo to the information window to know exactly what platform and what track doesyour train leave from? Besides you’d like the time of departure and arrival ofyour train, and if you do any change.

Nowyou know that your train is a through one and you needn’t to change one trainto another.  So you go to the platformwhere your train and luggage are waiting for you.

TheGuard helps you with your swats and luggage. After having packed your luggageand cases you have some minutes left and you decide to drop into therefreshment room have a bite and soft drinks. You go to the newspaper stand tobye papers and magazines. Then in company of your friends and close relativeswho came to see you off, you are walking up and down the platform before thetrain starts.

Soonthe guard announces: all aboard pleas, our train leaves in 5 minutes. The trainstarts according the schedule.

Whenon board the train the guard takes care of passengers. He shows them theirseats, brings bedclothes, helps to make a bed and wishes the passengers to findjourney be train comfortable.

Youare lucky to have two lower berths. You choose one facing to engine. Half anhour later the porter asks you if you feel like having a cup of tea.

3) Many Peopleenjoy travelling by sea. Such a travailing is called voyage or cruise, and ismostly for those who are going on holiday and want to have a pleasant voyage. Onboars a large cruise ship people traverse oceans and visit other countries. Theship stops excursions. Crossing the ocean is wonderful and long voyage. Theonly drawback is seasickness. So before starting on a voyage you should findout whether you suffer from it or not.

When on boardthe ship you  spend a lot of time on theupper deck watching the store and the passing by ships. It’s impossible toforget wonderful sunsets and sunrises that you can watch from the deck. It’sunforgettable sight you have ever seen. Once on board the ship you can realizethat the dream of yours has coma true, and you can remember it for the rest ofyour life.

4)Many people prefer to travel by car or by bus. It can be a trip not far fromyour home to explore the nearby towns and cities. It can be a long journey evento foreign country. Modern buses have comfortable seats, video, phone andfridge. So you can have hot tea or coffee and snack.

Thegreatest advantage of suck travelling is that you can stop whenever and whereever you like and you are not bound of any shadule.you start from your front door and take any road you like.

Whiletravelling by car you can enjoy picturesque views of places you are passingthrough. You can see a lot of sights and things in short time. You can takeanything you need to eat or to drink with you, but sometimes drop for a mealinto a motel or road cafe, or simply have a picnic in the open air.

5)Some people like spending their holidays travelling on foot. They call suchwalks hikes. You take your rucksack and the tent with you and don’t think ofany tickets. This mean of travelling has a lot of advantages. The mainadvantage is that you set off on hikes and stop whenever and wherever you likeyou stop when you’d like to have rest or admire picturesque countryside. Youcan enjoy the beauty of nature, enjoy the beauty of places rarely visited beother travelers. On your way you can watch a lot of interesting things.

Suchtrip is exiting if you are among the pleasant group of friends and if the weatheris favorable.

Ithink the only disadvantage of such trip is your heavy rucksack witch weighssometimes more than 10-15 kilos and you want to throw it away. That’s why whenhiking I take only firs essentials.

Travellingon foot you walk a lot just watching the wild life. While travelling on footyou are not in a hurry and you spent the whole days in the open air; you spendyour nights under the tent in the rainy days and under the open starry sky whenthe weather is fine.

Thereare other ways of travelling. If you are an adventurer you can travel by hitch– hiking, bicycle or on horseback.

So,in one word, travelling is very exiting and emotional thing. It’s the most wisemethod of spending the spare time. It’s the best way to study geography and thepest way to know and understand people, their culture, history and traditions.

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