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«I was extreme… from skateboarder to hip-hopper to rave child tolead singer of a rock band — I did it all, and all at the same time.»




Christened Alecia Moore, Pink was born <st1:date Year=«1979» Day=«8» Month=«9» w:st=«on»>September 8, 1979</st1:date>, toparents James and Judy. While growing up in Philadephia,her father played Bob Dylan and Don McLean songs on the guitar, which served asinspiration to Pink's pursuit of a musical career.

A young Pink proclaimed her love for music by running through her housesinging songs, and creating her own fantasies by doing so. While growing up,the Philly club scene provided her the venue to express herself by both singingand dancing. At the age of 13, Pink met a popular Philly club dancer named Skratch, who she started dancing with. This led to hersinging backup in his rap group, Schools of Thought.

By the time she was 14, Pink had penned her first song. Songwritingbecame a way for the future R&B/pop singer to express her feelings andthoughts on her Philly childhood and adolescent experiences, in a therapeuticway.

One of her favorite pastimes, going to clubs, became part of her startin the music industry. She would frequent Club Fever every Friday night, whereshe eventually was given a 5-minute spot. Although Pink was sometimes boo-edwhile on stage, she used the negativity as more fuel to the fire of herambition.

Her career took a turn in the right direction after a representativecame to Club Fever in search of an addition to an R&B group. Impressed byPink's voice and style, she was signed as the new member of the short-livedgroup, Basic Instinct.

Since Pink didn't feel that she fit into the group, Basic Instinct wasnothing more than that — a fleeting instinct — but Pink was on her way tobigger and better things, as a solo artist.

But not before another shot at a group, this time one named Choice.Signed with LaFace Records, Choice was just asill-fated as Basic Instinct, but this time due to differing ambitions andmentalities of the group members. It did lead however, to Pink's relationshipwith LaFace, presently Pink's record label.

As one of the lead singers of Choice, Pink was asked by Darryl Simmonsto contribute to the songwriting of the group's song, «Just To Be LovingYou». It was her contribution to the song that triggered her love forsongwriting — once a childhood hobby and now part of her job.

Pink's debut album, Can't Take Me Home, was released in Spring 2000, andhas since garnered critical and commercial praise. Her first single,«There You Go», became a Top 40 Pop chart staple, and was even namedthe number 2 breakup song of all-time by <st1:country-region w:st=«on»><st1:place w:st=«on»>US</st1:place></st1:country-region> magazine.

The second single, «Most Girls», is seeing the same success asits predecessor, if not more, by shedding light on the money-grubbingtendencies of «most girls.» As opposed to most female artists, Pink,who cites Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Janis Joplin, andThe Supremes as inspiration, prefers to sing about real moments in life andpersonal experiences, rather than sing romantic ballads. As a result, herexperiences from her native <st1:City w:st=«on»><st1:place w:st=«on»>Philadelphia</st1:place></st1:City>are showcased in her debut album.

Hot off the trails of a summer tour opening for 'N Sync, Pink isdefinitely seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.

Although she's only 21 years old and has the same color hair as mostchildren's troll dolls, Pink's tendencies and undeniable talent prove thatshe's more than just a passing phase in today's world of musical talents.  

With the collaboration and support of Babyfaceand LaFace records, Pink writes all of her ownlyrics. That's not at all hard to believe — she walks the walk, and it isquite evident that she's not like «most girls.»

She has an outspoken and in-your-face persona that seems to radiatethrough that hair of hers (that we can't seem to get passed).

Although some guys would rather take her to a salon than show her off totheir buddies, there's a sparkle in Pink's eyes that hint at a devilishsensuality.

With the recent release of her new album Can't Take Me Home, Pink's starhas been steadily on the rise after only releasing two singles.

Pink is only 21 years old, and her complexion is smooth and velvety (wecan only imagine). Did we mention those sparkly cat eyes?

Poor Pink seems to be oblivious when it comes to fashion. If anyone sawwhat she wore to the MTV Music Awards, they would've thought that the poorsinger had just escaped a train wreck. And considering she had her hair spikedin every which way just reinforces our belief that Pink truly doesn't have aclue.

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