Реферат: Открытый урок по английскому языку

Today is the 29th of February. Friday

The theme: “My working day”

Grammar: (The Past Indefinite Tense)                       “TO BE” FE’LINING O‘TGAN NOANIQ ZAMONDA TUSLANISHI

New words:

 Exercise 1. Learn the new words of the text  «My working day”.


Necessary            kerakli

Remember           esda tutmoq

Lost time              yo‘qotilgan vaqt

Waste                   bekorga sarflamoq

Get up                  o‘rindan turmoq

Morning jerks     ertalabki badan tarbiya

Cold rubdown     artinmoq

Remedy                dori, shifo

Breakfast              nonushta

On foot                  piyoda

Usually                  odatda

In addition            shu bilan bir qatorda

Every day I have much interesting and necessary work to do. I always remember that the lost time is never gained. That is why i don’t like to waste even a minute.

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I get up early in the morning — at about 6.30 a.m., do my morning jerks and have a cold rubdown. We know that physical exercises are a good remedy for the protection of our health.


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