Реферат: Computer System

A computer system

Acomputer system is a collection of components that work together to process do.

Thepurpose of a computer system is to make it as easy as possible for you to usecomputer to solve problems. A functioning computer system combines hardwareelements with software elements.

Thehardware elementsare the mechanical device, the system, the machinery and the electronics. Thesoftware elements are the programs written for the system. Collectivelythese components provide a complete computer system.

Usually,a computer system requires three basic hardware items: the central processorunit, which performs all data processing; a terminal device, which helpsusers to communicate with their computer system and a memory storingprograms and data. These three devices ­are the required hardware components ofany computer system. Computer system includes many other devices: printer,scanner and a modem. These computer devices called hardware.

A set ofinstructions telling a computer what to do is a program.

Programsare usually written in a Programming languages like Pascal, C++, etc, they(programs) deal with are organized into files. Applications are programs forspecific tasks.

Applicationsinclude: database soft, spreadsheets calculations, word-processing on a wordprocessor. To function hardware and software, a computer needs an operationsystem program.

Someoperation systems require users to type in commands to tell the computer the todo.

Manycomputers use a graphical interface or point-and-click interface such asWindows.

Someinterfaces allow plug-and-play, the possibility of connecting new hardware thecomputer without having to adjust or configure the system to take the newhardware into account: the interface program recognizes the hardwareautomatically.<span Arial",«sans-serif»; mso-ansi-language:EN-US">